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  • sell used car now

    Should I Sell My Used Car Now?

    Are you in the new car market? Get in line – literally.  Consumers eager to purchase a new vehicle have been put on seemingly endless waiting lists – especially long for the highest demand vehicles.  But why?  After pent-up demand exploded as the pandemic started to subside in early 2022, supply was not only bought... Read more

  • What WordPress Tricks Should Your Dealership be Using

    What WordPress Tricks Should Your Dealership be Using?

    WordPress is a powerful tool, but only in the right hands. What WordPress tricks should your dealership be using? Phantom Copy has a great deal of WordPress. Our website right now is running on a highly customized version of WordPress, and the car-buying websites we build run on it too. With our experience and expertise,... Read more

  • Get Your Certified Pre-Owned Inventory to Work for You

    Get Your Certified Pre-Owned Inventory to Work for You

    What’s in your dealership’s inventory today? Chances are you are short on new cars, but perhaps you played your cards right and you have a hefty used inventory that’s helping you get through this supply chain shortage. Are you properly leveraging your used inventory though? Are you still trying to sell certified pre-owned vehicles, and... Read more

  • The Importance of Voice Search for your Car Dealership

    The Importance of Voice Search for your Car Dealership

    You want to get your dealership in front of your customers. This used to mean billboards and TV ads, then it meant websites and organic marketing, now there’s another wrinkle you have to consider called voice search. Don’t be scared. Phantom Copy is here to tell you all about the importance of voice search for... Read more

  • How to get more trade-ins at your dealership

    How to Get More Trade-ins at Your Dealership

    The retail automotive industry is a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. Dealerships routinely need to deal with a shifting landscape that can fluctuate between economic downturns or, more recently, a global pandemic. Currently, every dealership is dealing with an inventory shortage of new models. This has placed a premium on... Read more

  • Who Are the Most Successful Car Dealers of All Time

    Who Are the Most Successful Car Dealers of All Time?

    Right now, the automotive market is extremely competitive with high demand and limited supply. While the current market is obviously a stressful time for dealers, trying to get the final sale with potential customers, there are dealerships have faced success throughout the ebbs and flows of the market. Throughout the years, as the market has... Read more

  • How to Compete With Online Dealerships

    How to Compete With Online Dealerships?

    The internet has hit the retail automotive industry like a bolt of lightning. These days a dealership can sink or swim based only on the strength of its website. By and large, dealers have made many of the necessary changes to compete in this brave new world. However, when things were starting to level out,... Read more

  • Sell More Used Cars as a New Car Dealership

    Sell More Used Cars as a New Car Dealership

    Over the past two years, the automotive market has been affected by many things including the pandemic, chip shortages, and high demand with short supply. While facing these struggles has been hard on new car dealerships, many have still been able to find success. While new vehicles have seen a good portion of the impact... Read more

  • How to sell electric cars in rural areas

    How to Sell Electric Cars in Rural Areas

    In a little more than 100 years, the automotive industry was born and advanced faster than almost any other industry. Electric vehicles are coming. That is just a fact, and every dealership in the United States needs to find a way to communicate the benefits of this technology to its unique set of customers. Dealerships... Read more

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