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How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

How Content Marketing Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

Billions of people utilize social media on a daily basis. There are numerous platforms available for many different avenues, and they’re all great resources that you can utilize to expand your reach as a business or brand. In 2023, if you’re running a business or brand with an online presence (which is itself a necessity), harnessing the power of social media is a must. With so many different platforms available, sometimes it’s difficult to have the kind of social media presence that you want. But content marketing, which is another huge tool in your arsenal, is a great way to boost that presence. We’ll go through a few of the best ways you can utilize content marketing to boost your social media presence and, in turn, your business as a whole.

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Create Engagement

Engagement is one of the most effective strategies for building up your customer base, but creating that engagement can be difficult. If you’re just starting your social media presence, you’re not likely to gain followers, likes, comments and so on right out the gate. It will take a bit of time, but once the engagement starts, it creates a domino effect that just increases the engagement at a fantastic rate. 

According to research by, “78% of customers perceive a relationship between themselves and a company that is using custom content to connect with them,” and “would rather learn about a company through articles than ads.” This is great evidence that content marketing is going to be a great way to boost your social media presence. As long as it’s relevant to both them and your business, your audience is likely to engage with your content marketing and begin to build a relationship with your company or brand.

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Create Strategy

But those facts and figures also make it clear that you can’t just be posting anything and expect customers to flock to your business. You need to remain authentic to your brand image and create captivating content that your audience is interested in if you want them to engage. Identify your audience across your social media channels and determine what kind of content will pique their interest, then build a content marketing strategy around that.

You want to make sure that your content is humanized and not just hitting all of the necessary metrics and keywords, or your audience won’t begin to build that relationship with you. You also want to post regularly, and following a set schedule can help your customers learn when your content will be posted making it easier for them to engage with it.

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Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one kind of content, either. While written articles like the ones we specialize in here at Phantom Copy are a fantastic tool, as evidenced by those earlier figures, it’s just important to create video, imagery and more to go along with it. Even if your audience loves reading, they’re less likely to take an interest in a plain wall of text. Cue the cute little ghosties!

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