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How Content Marketing can Enhance an Ad Campaign

How Content Marketing can Enhanced an Ad Campaign

If you’ve been following any of the content here on the Phantom Copy blog, then you should certainly be aware by now that content marketing is a necessity for anyone with a website in this day and age. Whether you’re running a business, cultivating your personal brand, building a community or anything else in the digital world, content marketing is one of the most important tools to keep in your utility belt.

However, one common misconception regarding content marketing is that it’s only for boosting organic traffic. While that’s definitely a huge part of its focus, utilizing a solid content marketing strategy in tandem with your ad campaign can help make the latter even more successful. How can content marketing enhance an ad campaign? By boosting the amount of conversions, the conversion rate and even the cost per conversion.

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Boost Conversions, Conversion Rate, Cost Per Conversion

The focus of an ad campaign should almost always be on generating conversions. That means attracting clicks on the ad and then converting those clicks to whatever result the ad was looking to generate. Customer leads, email collection, sales, and so on, whatever it is you’re looking to accomplish with your ad campaign, you want to have as many conversions as possible.

There are two huge ways that you can utilize content marketing to enhance an ad campaign by boosting your total amount of conversions, which in turn boosts your conversion rate and, ultimately, the cost per conversion. You can harness your content marketing strategy by utilizing relevant landing pages for your ad campaign, or by creating custom landing pages.

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Relevant Landing Pages

Utilizing relevant landing pages is simple, but it’s something on which a lot of ad campaigns fail to capitalize. This method doesn’t necessitate a bunch of extra work, it simply requires you to make sure you’re choosing the most relevant landing pages when directing your ads. You could have the most attractive ad ever created, with enticing language and an incredible deal, but if the ad directs to your homepage, or an ordinary contact us page, or something else that doesn’t directly bring the customer to what they clicked on the ad for, then you’re going to lose that conversion.

This is bad for multiple reasons. For one, you’re not helping yourself get any conversions. On top of that, however, is that you’re tanking your conversion rate and skyrocketing your cost per conversion because your incredible ad has generated a ton of clicks but it’s hardly converting any of them. If you’ve already got a landing page that makes sense for your ad campaign, make sure to direct your ad campaign to that page instead of anything else. For example, if your business is having a sale, direct your ad to the inventory page tied to that sale rather than to your full inventory or your homepage.

Custom Landing Pages

An even better way to enhance your ad campaign with content marketing, though admittedly more involved, is to create custom landing pages specifically for the campaign. Utilizing the previous example, a custom page with imagery and text extolling the benefits of the sale or product(s) on top of actually having all of the relevant inventory on the page is going to go even further towards securing conversions for your ad campaign.

Doing either one of these should lead to an increase in conversions, which in turn will increase your conversion rate as more of those clicks are converting, thus ultimately decreasing your cost per conversion as well. Hopefully this information shows you just how powerful content marketing campaign be, especially with a solid strategy implemented.

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