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How Can Content Help You Connect With Your Local Audience?

How Can Content Help You Connect With Your Local Audience?

There’s a good chance that your business’s website is going to have pages with keywords that could potentially rank nationwide or even beyond, depending on what exactly your business is. Even if your business is very local, there’s nothing wrong with getting traffic that might not lead to a conversion or sale. The more traffic you attract, the more domain authority your website will garner, which means that your website will show up higher and more often in search results. In turn, when your local audience does start searching, your content should be what they see. This is just one broad example of how content can help you connect to your local audience, but let’s dive into a few other examples!

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Create Local Content

One of the easiest ways to connect with your local audience is to specifically create content with local keywords. The blog linked above dives much more into this practice and why it should be a key part of your digital marketing strategy, but to give you a quick overview – local content might not necessarily be directly relevant to your business, but rather the area that your business is located. These topics should be helpful and informative for local residents, which will help build a rapport with this local audience and hopefully convert them into customers.

Be Locally Relevant

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In addition to a direct local content strategy, you can sprinkle local relevance into all of your content, even those pieces and keywords that might not normally be local content. Making remarks that connect with your local audience shouldn’t have any negative impact on non-local audiences, but a huge positive impact on your local audience. You can do this by using local imagery in your words, such as describing a specific locale as part of a metaphor, or by directly mentioning things important and specific to your local area. Mention famous people, popular sports teams or musical groups, an event sure to draw a large swathe of your local audience to it and so on.

Making these connections shows your local audience that you really are a part of their community and that you care about the people who live in it. This should not only help you connect with your local audience, but start to build trust with them and develop lasting customer relationships.

Leverage Social Media Presence

If you’re building a social media presence alongside your website, which is another massive tool to help you connect with your local audience, you can also leverage that presence to share your content. You can then connect with your audience directly by conversing with them in the comments and getting real-time feedback on your content. Utilizing your content and social media presence in tandem will only boost your ability to connect with your local audience.

If you’re looking for help getting your content marketing strategy off the ground, Phantom Copy would be happy to. Reach out to us here at Phantom Copy at your earliest convenience to get an experienced Phantom on the case.

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