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Years of Experience: 6 Dream Car: McLaren F1 LM Dream Vacation: Outside the atmosphere Biggest Fear: Suffocation


I’m a fourth generation car guy with a passion for writing and a professional obsession with SEO. I will drive traffic and achieve results.

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  • What WordPress Tricks Should Your Dealership be Using

    What WordPress Tricks Should Your Dealership be Using?

    WordPress is a powerful tool, but only in the right hands. What WordPress tricks should your dealership be using? Phantom Copy has a great deal of WordPress. Our website right now is running on a highly customized version of WordPress, and the car-buying websites we build run on it too. With our experience and expertise,... Read more

  • Get Your Certified Pre-Owned Inventory to Work for You

    Get Your Certified Pre-Owned Inventory to Work for You

    What’s in your dealership’s inventory today? Chances are you are short on new cars, but perhaps you played your cards right and you have a hefty used inventory that’s helping you get through this supply chain shortage. Are you properly leveraging your used inventory though? Are you still trying to sell certified pre-owned vehicles, and... Read more

  • The Importance of Voice Search for your Car Dealership

    The Importance of Voice Search for your Car Dealership

    You want to get your dealership in front of your customers. This used to mean billboards and TV ads, then it meant websites and organic marketing, now there’s another wrinkle you have to consider called voice search. Don’t be scared. Phantom Copy is here to tell you all about the importance of voice search for... Read more

  • Top Blogging Tips for Car Dealers

    Top Blogging Tips for Car Dealers

    If you’re here, you likely represent a dealership, and that dealership almost assuredly has a website. These days without a website even used car dealerships will lose traction and lose sales. What about your blog though? Most website providers offer blog functionality, should you be using it? Should you perhaps be doing it yourself even?... Read more

  • WHy Do Featured Snippets Matter for Your Dealership

    Why do Featured Snippets Matter For Your Dealership?

    You’ve seen them while searching, even if you didn’t know what they were at the time. The featured snippet—the coveted top position of organic search—can be yours, but should you care? Why do featured snippets matter for your dealership? There are a lot of reasons you should care, but first, we’ll go into detail and... Read more

  • Optimizing GBP for your dealership in 2022

    Optimizing GBP for Your Dealership in 2022

    SEO may always be changing, but for the last few years, one thing has remained the same in automotive. Your Google Business Profile or GBP is key to your success on Google. For those that are unfamiliar with the term GBP, you may know it by another name. Up until late last year, Google Business... Read more

  • SEO in Automotive in 2022

    SEO in Automotive in 2022

    Some things never change, but SEO is not one of those things. Even a 2-year-old website isn’t going to continue to cut it on the SEO front today, and that’s in any industry. Think about your business. Has anything changed more in the last 2 years than automotive? Your dealership may be falling behind in... Read more