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  • sell used car now

    Should I Sell My Used Car Now?

    Are you in the new car market? Get in line – literally.  Consumers eager to purchase a new vehicle have been put on seemingly endless waiting lists – especially long for the highest demand vehicles.  But why?  After pent-up demand exploded as the pandemic started to subside in early 2022, supply was not only bought... Read more

  • don't cancel your marketing

    Don’t Cancel Your Dealership Marketing While Inventory is Low

    Inventory is low. It’s no secret.  Dealerships everywhere have been forced to adjust to what has become the new normal for the foreseeable future. And as with any change, it’s essential to be nimble. But you also don’t want to make any changes that could negatively impact your overall business.  One aspect of your business... Read more

  • how to get more used inventory at your dealership

    How To Get More Used Inventory at Your Dealership

    People need cars. Your dealership doesn’t have them.  What do you do?  New cars aren’t an option when it comes to increasing dealership inventory. Dealers are entirely at the mercy of the OEMs, and the timeline to customer delivery for some popular models is six months to a year.  Naturally, dealers need to do whatever... Read more

  • find a phantom

    Find a Phantom at NADA 2022

    Sin City is about to get spooky. After lurking in the shadows for a little while, the Phantoms are coming out to play at NADA 2022.  The award-winning automotive team is back, and ready to light a new fire.  We’re ready to reconnect with former connections and meet new ones. But if we don’t find... Read more

  • what is a content marketplace

    What is a Content Marketplace?

    The marketplace business model has exploded in the last decade. Marketplaces like Amazon have revolutionized how businesses and consumers handle online transactions.  But what is an automotive content marketplace?  At Phantom Copy, the marketplace concept is much more than a trend. After over a decade of experience in the automotive industry, we saw an opportunity... Read more

  • phantom-featured

    Introducing Phantom Copy — The Ghostwriters’ Marketplace

    Content is your business. Think about it.  How do you explain what your business offers? How do you market those differentiators? How does someone find you online? You can’t do any of it without some form of content. Whether it’s internal site pages, blog posts, landing pages, an email blast, a press release, a sales... Read more