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How to Hire Experienced Automotive Writers

hire experienced automotive writers

If you’re someone who enjoys cars, you’ve undoubtedly read bad automotive content online. 

The internet is flooded with these articles. No matter what you Google, there is a result waiting for your click. But the quality isn’t always there. And at times, it’s downright insulting to your car knowledge. 

But why does this content exist? 

Quite simply, because everyone is chasing rankings and traffic. For car dealers, automotive content marketing has been around for over a decade. And because so many agencies are in the game now, and attempting to scale this part of their business, car dealers are often the worst offenders. With scale often comes a race to the bottom in pay per piece and quality of writers, ending with poor content. 

It isn’t a secret that hiring “car guys and gals” that also know how to write provides a better chance for your content to resonate – and rank. Those two go hand in hand. Google has gotten better and better at filtering what constitutes poor content out of search engine results pages. This is good news for readers, as you slowly have fewer searches turning up the aforementioned poor automotive content. 

But this also means that car dealers are getting the short end of the stick with rankings – unless they invest with a company that hires quality automotive writers – or seeks them out themselves. 

How to Hire Experienced Automotive Writers

For nearly every niche, there are writers who are truly elite in their craft. For automotive companies looking to sell content marketing services, finding these individuals is essential. 

Here are some ways to do it.

Post an Auto-Specific Job Listing

This may seem obvious, but providers are often just looking for content/SEO experts in general. But it’s surprising how many individuals you might attract by being specific with your job posting. Often, automotive writers are bypassing general listings and looking for these niche roles. The only caveat here is that niche writers may cost more than general. 

Contact Current Auto Writers

If you are aggressive, you might want to contact your favorite automotive writers. If you have auto blogs you read, there is typically a byline connected to someone’s contact information or social profiles. These writers may be looking for outside work that fits your needs. Again, it can be pricey bringing on known automotive writers. 

Look for Free Agents

Unfortunately, scale at some companies means hiring less qualified writers or even outsourcing the work overseas. LinkedIn can be a good place to search for automotive companies and see if any of their past writers are listing that they are open for work. The only issues here is you don’t truly know why they aren’t working at their past company, so quality could be an issue.

Partner with Phantom Copy

Phantom with a check mark in front

If you want to take the hassle out of the search and get seasoned automotive writing professionals quickly, Phantom Copy can help. We work directly with dealers and with agency partners that are having a hard time covering their content marketing needs. We can immediately provide one-time and ongoing content marketing services through our extended automotive writing network. Contact us here

No matter which route you go, one thing is clear. Having industry-specific professionals write marketing copy is going to produce quality results in terms of organic ranking, traffic, and leads. And it also avoids the frustrating end-user experience of reading something that is below your knowledge level.

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