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Most Popular Cars By Profession

Most Popular Cars By Profession

Cars are an important cultural touchstone, especially in America. You choose the car you drive based on your lifestyle, your personal preference, and even your profession. At Phantom Copy, we thought we would take a closer look at that and explore the most popular cars by profession.

Car Brands Favored by Professionals

No clear models stand out from the data as front runners except in very specific cases. Instead, we have a brand or even a few that stick out in several professions. See if you can find your profession below and see if our data aligns with what you drive.

Tesla Model 3 gray front view

IT Workers

Maybe you have an image in your mind of what an IT worker drives, but there are multiple brands that seem to attract them. Some are likely not surprising including Honda and Tesla, but also on the list are Jaguar, Ferrari, and BMW. It would seem IT workers have interesting and varied tastes when it comes to cars.

Civil Servants

A majority of civil servant positions favor practicality so it should come as no surprise that Hyundai is preferred among this profession. Hyundai has built a reputation for reliability in the past couple of decades and its unique but practical designs have been luring more and more people each year.

Healthcare Workers

The field of healthcare workers actually covers a wide range of professions, and with that in mind, it isn’t surprising that Nissan and Kia come out on top. Again, these are practical cars. However, it would seem Nissan is on the decline, and Kia is very much on the rise. The Kia brand really has something for everybody. 


Interestingly, lawyer doesn’t show up on the list with a preferred car brand. However, we can make a few guesses with BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Civille, our sister company, knows lawyers pretty well and recently did a whole blog on just lawyer car preferences. You should check it out.

Audi silver side view at night


George Costanza isn’t the only person claiming to be an architect. According to research, the favored car brand among architects is Audi. Maybe they fall for German engineering or simple designs. Interestingly, Rolls-Royce is also on the list for Architect. It seems people like Art Vandelay make more money than we thought.


This one has us baffled too. Apparently, marketers prefer Lamborghini and MINI. The Lambo brand is easy to fall in love with but the fact that marketers can afford such a machine is the surprising part. No offense to any marketers reading this. MINI has some interesting appeal, and there’s definitely nothing like the MINI out there.


This one surprised us, and we don’t know where the correlation is but bankers seem to prefer Mazda. Now, don’t get us wrong, the Mazda brand has a ton going for it. Somehow, all their models drive and handle like sports cars, they have unique designs, and their engine tech is nothing short of impressive. But why bankers? We may never know.


This is one we are going to have to call into question. At least bankers pick something practical with a Mazda, but accountants seem to prefer Bentleys of all things. If your accountant is out there driving a Bentley, then perhaps it’s worth double-checking their books. They are either really good at their job or a little too good at their job if you catch our meaning.

Ford truck side view in desert


This will likely come as no surprise, but contractors like plumbers, carpenters, and more seem to prefer Ford. Though, we’d strongly expect that this leans toward Chevy and even Ram in certain parts of the country. Overall though, Ford has long been the truck king at least in the states.


There are many things that farmers are looking for when they need a vehicle. It’s not going to be about preference so much as utility. It’s no surprise that Ford comes out on top again with Chevy and  Ram making honorable mentions also. The utility provided by these trucks is coveted among farmers across the country.

Car Salespeople

For this one, there is no clear winner.  Car salespeople are a unique breed when it comes to this question. Many of them choose to drive what they sell, others choose to drive something older to avoid creating an image of someone that doesn’t need the sale. As such, there is no clear winner here.

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Phantom Copy Writers

We know this is what you wanted to know this whole time. Lucky for you, we are in the unique position to provide this kind of data. Our writers don’t really seem to have a type. Everything from Jeeps to Subarus is on the menu. We have Mustang drivers, Hyundai drivers, and even one writer that prefers to ride their bike… at least when they can.

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