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Which Car Dealerships Make the Most Money?

Which Car Dealerships Make the Most Money?

The car dealership space may be one of the most competitive industries out there. Dealerships spring up, close down, and get bought out constantly, but which car dealerships make the most money?

Who Are The Top 10 Most Successful Dealerships?

According to recent data, we have a full list of 10 individual dealership locations. These numbers may be skewed depending on how individual sales were attributed per location, which we believe to be the case with the dealership in the top position, RightWay Automotive Credit, which has 50 locations mostly in Michigan. Still, this gives you a good picture of who is finding success.

DealershipStateUsed SalesNew SalesTotal Sales
Rightway AutomotiveMichigan12,904012,904
Al Serra Auto PlazaMichigan7,2894.99012,279
Al Hendrickson ToyotaFlorida7,2704,38311,653
Rick Case HondaFlorida6,0864,62110,707
Rick Case Automall DavieFlorida6,0034,62710,675
Central Florida ToyotaFlorida5,6833,7049,387
Jim Koons – Tyson’s GM/ChryslerVirginia4,3934,9159,308
Right ToyotaArizona5,5342,8778,231
Classic ChevroletTexas4,8733,3318,204
Honda MarysvilleOhio3,7364,0437,779

Who Are The Most Successful Auto Groups

As you may know, some of the most powerful businesses in the automotive space aren’t powerful because of individual locations, but because of how many locations they have, and in some cases, the unique business models they employ. In this category, we have broken it down into new and used categories because the data sets we have available don’t cover the same year,

Top Three Auto Groups – New

Auto GroupNew Sales
Penske Automotive Group222,800
Lithia Motors180,532

Top Three Auto Groups – Used

Auto GroupUsed Sales

What Has Enabled Dealership Success?

Dealership success, especially these days, relies on a few key things:

Stylized car with keys and money in the background
  • Location—This is a no-brainer, but dealerships without a strong population center around them are not going to climb to the tops of the charts. However, dealerships serving less populated areas are still important and can still be successful in their own way.
  • Customer Service—It used to be that dealerships could get by without a strong mind for customer service, especially in more populated areas or areas that didn’t have a lot of dealership options. These days people are willing to drive farther, and with word of mouth being empowered by the Internet, people are going to know if you don’t treat your customers with care.
  • Online Presence—Speaking of the Internet, you need to have a strong online presence. This means a website that is easy to use, a Google Business Profile that is properly managed, and more digital options to shop within your inventory.
  • Inventory—Is your inventory still suffering? As our numbers show, many dealerships that have relied on new vehicles in the past, have found success in used sales. It’s just a matter of inventory. Have you considered creating a car buying website to compete with competitors like Carvana at the local level?
  • SEO—Search engine optimization is more important now than ever before. This means writing fresh blogs, staying on top of your optimization, and even a press release strategy.

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