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Why Hire a Ghostwriter for Your Business

Why Hire a Ghostwriter for Your Business

Whether your business is large or small, a ghostwriter may not be on your list of hires. You have a lot of needs that are specific to your industry, but what if we told you a ghostwriter could be beneficial in pretty much any industry? Why hire a ghostwriter for your business? In truth, you probably don’t need one full-time, but working with a partner like Phantom Copy, you’ll find that a ghostwriter—or in our case a Phantom—can open a lot of digital doors with comparatively little spend.

In Search, Content is King

Organic traffic, or traffic that comes through search as opposed to those who arrive on your page directly, via ads, or by some other means, is a big way for your business to go. In short, people have a problem or a need, they are searching for help, and they arrive on your page. This could mean a new customer, and everyone loves new customers.

Trying to show up for those searches is the name of the SEO game, and in that realm, content is king. How much content does your site really have? If you have little more than home, about us, and contact pages, then you are leaving huge holes in your SEO opportunities, and these are holes that your competitors could fill or may already be filling.

Not just the best way, but the only way to make up that gap and fill those holes is with content marketing and strategy. This means new pages and even blog posts, often designed to capitalize on one or just a few keywords. Not only can this bring people onto your site through those pages, but it can prove to search engines that you are a resource in your field thereby increasing your overall organic traffic. That’s right, having a successful blog can mean more organic traffic for your homepage and other pages too!

Build Your Brand With a Blog Strategy

Do You Have the Time or Knowledge?

Unfortunately, we are talking about a lot of content. It’s more than you can knock out in a weekend, and if you really want to move the needle, you need to keep pushing out content continuously. This is very time-consuming and can fill up your already full plate.

Moreover, you likely do not have the knowledge to properly address the keywords you are missing out on or to even identify them in the first place. This is why you need a ghostwriter to handle all that content generation, optimization, and strategy for you. Better yet, you need a Phantom. You can still steer the ship, provide direction, and dictate what types of content or even what types of customers are ideal for your business, but a Phantom can take over all the heavy lifting of research, writing, and implementation to push your organic growth.

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Can Your Business Benefit From Having a Ghostwriter?

Phantom with a check mark in front

Pretty much any business with a website can benefit from having more content on their website. If your business is selling paperclips to general consumers, and you make the best damn paperclips in the industry, then you may think that should be enough, and maybe you earn some business with that mentality.

Meanwhile, Joe Paperclip is using inferior materials, shoddy packaging, and the bends in their paperclips just aren’t as bendy and perfect as yours. Yet somehow, they are outselling you at every turn despite coming to market at the same time and having a similar price point. Do you know what can make all the difference? Their content.

Not everyone wakes up and decides they need paperclips. Some people need to be reminded. Whether it’s through thoughtful paperclip content or even paperclip content that answers their big paperclip questions, if other content is bringing them onto the Joe Paperclip website during or even before the buy phase, chances are they will make their paperclip purchases there.

A Phantom can make that difference for your business!

The Difference Between a Ghost and a Phantom

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to explore the spirit realm, at least not here, but we want to stress that a Phantom writer is more than just a ghostwriter. Unlike many other available ghostwriters in the industry, we come from an SEO-first school of thought. This means the content that we write is designed to rank on Google and earn your business meaningful traffic. There are a few other differences too.

Phantom Avatar with dark sunglasses
  • Writing Veterans—All of our Phantoms are degreed writers that have years of experience writing for businesses in a variety of industries. We take the time to properly vet every writer before giving them any clients.
  • Pay-Per-Piece Model—We’ve worked with the hourly writer and even the salary writer model before. Quite frankly, we don’t like it, and our writers didn’t like it either. It’s too easy to over-burden the writers, burn them out, and churn out substandard work, even when you have good people. Instead, our writers are paid on a contract basis for each piece. This means they take on what they want to take on. Happy Phantoms means better content.
  • Dedicated Writer—For all traditional clients, we are able to provide a dedicated writer. This means your work isn’t split up between multiple writers where the message and the strategy are going to get lost.
  • More Than Just a Writer—Our writers know how to upload in a variety of backends including WordPress, and we take the time to provide training for other backends as well. This means we can work as autonomously as you want us to.

Hire a Phantom Today

Work with Phantom Copy and make your content and SEO concerns a thing of the past. We can create blogs, landing pages, update existing pages, and more. We can even take over your Google Business Profile to further enhance your digital business and give your company a leg-up on the competition. Don’t be relegated to the back pages of Google. Rise up from the digital graveyard with a Phantom at your side.

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