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Where to Find Reliable Freelance Writing Work

Where to Find Reliable Freelance Writing Work

Being a freelance writer can be fulfilling, but it can also be hard at times. Sometimes the work you have one month evaporates the next month and it can be difficult to give yourself the financial stability that you want. If you are looking for where to find reliable freelance writing work look no further than Phantom Copy. Learn more about what it’s like to do contract writing work for us today.

How We Promise Reliable Work

Most of our clients who require marketing content do not sign up for one-off pieces. Instead, they sign up for recurring monthly content. When we assign a writer to a client, we expect that the writer will continue to write for them for at least 6 months to maintain consistent work and strategy for the client. At the end of the 6 months though, if the client is happy and you are happy, then you can continue working with the client indefinitely.

This is much different than how many freelance writing marketplaces work where much of the content is one-off forcing you to hunt for more work every month. We want our writers to have stable and reliable work.

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How Does Writer Pay Work?

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Writer pay works a bit differently at Phantom Copy. Our sales team is hard at work expanding our client base and we generally manage our clients so that our writers don’t have to worry about day-to-day communication and reporting.

This means we take a lot of the responsibility off of you, but by keeping our overhead low, we are able to pass on a significant portion of our profit directly to our writers. Though some numbers may change from client to client based on internal resource requirements, we pay a straight percentage that is typically based on writer experience.

This does mean that we do not pay based on word count. However, each piece will have to fit within certain word count parameters which depend on the client’s needs. The end result is a pay structure that is very competitive in the freelance market and that would allow you to make more than you typically would working an hourly position as a content writer.

How Long is Our Content?

We sell two different content packages with pieces of 300-500 words in length and 501-800 words and length. Again, we do not pay by word count but by piece because we believe this structure allows each piece to better serve the client and means you are writing to complete a piece and not to pump up a word count.

We also have clients that come to us with unique projects and often have unique internal projects that will have different requirements and demands. So while most content ends up being below 800 words, we do have a variety of projects that might be offered to you.

Can You Write for Phantom Full Time or Part Time?

As a contractor, we allow you to take on as much or as little work as you want, and as we are planning out future clients we will frequently ask for updates on capacity and check-in to make sure that you are happy with the level of work that you are currently getting. If you are just looking to do a little work on the side, we can accommodate that. If you want to start slow and ramp up, we can accommodate—and often encourage—that as well.

Who Decides What Work You Will be Assigned?

We try to select assignments for writers based on their experience, their capacity, and the specific needs of the client. With that said, you always have the final say on your assignments. We come to you with work, give you the details of the client, the parameters of the work, and how much the pay will be. At that point, it’s up to you. 

If you say no, then we will offer it to another writer and it will not affect your ability to get more work in the future. We want writers that are happy and comfortable with the work assigned to them. Ultimately, this means you are in the driver’s seat.

What Industries does Phantom Copy Cover?

Phantom Copy was born in the automotive world, but we have expanded into several other industries as well. This means, as a writer, you may be able to develop a niche at Phantom Copy. No experience in the specific fields we are offering work in? That’s generally not a problem. We can offer resources to get you up to speed. What’s important is that your writing is top-notch and that you are using the best SEO practices. All of which we provide resources on.

What About Proofing/Editing/Uploading?

We believe that our writers should have full authority over their content. This means we entrust you to do any of the proofing and editing necessary and we also ask that you do all the uploading and final optimization. Don’t worry though, we have training materials available on any backend that we operate within and most backends are WordPress which is very easy to learn and work with.

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How is Phantom Copy Better for the Client?

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Finding freelance writers that you can count on is difficult. There are a lot of marketplaces out there but often the writers are poorly vetted and if they ghost you you’re left high and dry without any content completed.

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You never have to worry about that with Phantom Copy. We take the time to vet and actually interview all of our writers before we let them touch client work and we closely monitor their output to ensure that they are not only hitting deadlines but also producing high-quality work.

If they miss the mark on either of those fronts, then we act quickly to get another writer on the project so that no deadline gets missed and only the highest quality content gets produced. This is something that most other freelance marketplaces will not provide.

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