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How to Get More Service Customers at a Dealership

How to get more service customers at a dealership

Being in the retail automotive business is exciting. However, that’s not to say that it doesn’t come without challenges. The average retail customer would be surprised to know that fixed operations are where many dealerships succeed financially. Dealerships with consistently busy service departments are almost always the most profitable dealerships. So, how can you get more service customers at your dealership? You have probably already invested heavily in your service teams. You’ve found the best talent in your area, and you’ve ensured they have the latest training and access to equipment. But, if customers don’t know you’re available to repair their vehicles, it doesn’t matter much. Let’s look at some ways you can find some new service customers.

Are you paying attention to social media?

Leveraging a social media presence is crucial for dealerships looking to attract more customers to their showroom or service department. There is a social media platform for almost everyone. Obviously, popular options, like Facebook, will have a lot of locally focused reach and come with the ability to target users most likely to visit your facility specifically. Indeed, there is a lot that can be done with Facebook ads. However, that isn’t the only tool available to service managers. It’s also essential to respond to reviews and questions quickly. Faster responses come with many benefits. One of the most important is increased customer confidence. 

Offer unique service incentives

Every season comes with particular automotive service needs, and Tailoring available incentives to those needs will help keep automotive maintenance at the front of people’s minds. The idea of service incentives or coupons brings us back to our original point. Using social media platforms is a great way to let customers know they can save some money at your service department while building goodwill with those people. Pairing coupons with social media ads can present a lot of value while demonstrating a high impact.

Content Marketing Options

Maintaining a modern automobile is going to come with a lot of questions. Naturally, the first thing many people will do is Google their vehicle’s symptoms to understand how serious the issue is. A well-managed blog can answer many of those questions right away, using the unique voice of your dealership, and drawing customers to your website. Having people land on your website is really only a few steps from them making an appointment with your service team.

Not only should service-related blogs answer the question the potential customer is looking for, but the content should also include:

  • Links to the service scheduler form
  • Links to other relevant blogs or landing pages
  • Links to an online coupon or service incentive page, if one exists

Why Local Content Still Matters for Car Dealerships

Manage Online Reviews

Harbin Chevrolet Review screenshot

Just like interacting with social media, staying current with online reviews (Google, Yelp!, etc.) can be a cost-effective way to take the pulse of your existing customers. If someone leaves a positive review, it builds some goodwill by thanking the person for it. If someone had a less-than-perfect experience, you could address the issue before the problem gets out of hand. There is a direct correlation between high customer review scores and increased traffic to service departments. 

Alternatively, the service department can present an excellent opportunity for the sales team. Encouraging every aspect of the dealership to work together and share information can make a huge difference.

Having an online presence is vital to all aspects of a dealership. Phantom Copy offers a vast array of solutions to allow dealerships to leverage as many available opportunities as possible. Contact us today.

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